As more and more Vulnerabilities are being Discovered, Computer Attackers are exploiting them by writing exploits to attack them. Because of the Knowledge Barrier, it becomes very difficult if not impossible for a Regular Security Administrator to understand and analyze the Risks and Scope of a Flaw or a Vulnerability. Things get even worse when an Enterprise is dependent upon a Vulnerable Application. The Reason is Simple, it requires a good level of knowledge to understand Vulnerabilities and code them and until now, only a Small “Elite” Group of Information Security Researchers have these skills. This Program aims to impart highly technical skills of Vulnerability Analysis and Exploit writing to the participants such that they are able to customize and create Exploits for Custom Applications or Widely used Commercial Applications.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Exploit Writing
Chapter 2 - Programming & Basics
Chapter 3- Assembly language
Chapter 4 - Debugging
Chapter 5 - Stack Based Buffer Overflow
Chapter 6 - Understanding Windows Shellcode
Chapter 7 - Fuzzers
Chapter 8 - Heap Based Overflow
Chapter 9 - Exploiting / GS Canary Protected Programs
Chapter 10 - Exploiting Safe SEH Protected Programs
Chapter 11 - Denial of Service
Chapter 12 - Bypassing DEP & ASLR
Chapter 13 - Advanced Shellcoding (Win32Egghunting, Connect-back, Staged, Alphanumeric)
Chapter 14 - Encoders & Writing Custom Encoders
Chapter 15 - DLL Hijacking
Chapter 16 - Client-Side Exploits
Chapter 17 - From Vulnerability to Exploit
Chapter 18 - Metasploit Framework
Chapter 19 - Binary payloads & Antivirus Evasion
Chapter 20 - Exploit to Metasploit


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