According to the latest Skill India reports, by the year 2022 various industries are expected to witness an increase in demand for information security professionals. This means, getting into the business of youth skill-building in these domains is a good investment to reap high returns now & in the future.

MRWEBSECURE provides you the opportunity to start your own business in education & offer career-training courses in the above-listed industries. As more & more students are choosing to specialize in various skills, the education sector promises consistent growth.

Thus, starting your own training institute is a profitable & secure business opportunity. Partner with Mrwebsecure and set up your own education business.

Franchisee Support

  1. MRWEBSECURE organizes induction programs for new Business Partners and their staff.
  2.  MRWEBSECURE undertakes Faculty and Counsellor training and certification.
  3. MRWEBSECURE hosts sales and marketing training periodically.
  4. MRWEBSECURE conducts ongoing training for new products, for staffs.

  1. MRWEBSECURE designs the admission process.
  2. MRWEBSECURE conducts online examinations for students.
  3. MRWEBSECURE offers a special data management system for maintaining student records and managing center operations.
  4. MRWEBSECURE conducts ongoing training for new products, for staffs.

Franchisee Process

Financial Qualifications: - The individual should possess the ability to mobilize resources through internal and external means.

  1. Be a first-time entrepreneur.
  2. Be self-employed in business.

The individual should:
Devote full-time attention to the venture or source professional help to run it.

The candidate should have complete knowledge of the regional and local market.

  1. Fill-up the Online Enquiry Form (Available on Right side of the screen) and submit.
  2. MRWEBSECURE will get in touch with you and guide you about the complete process.